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Named one of "Forbes "magazine s top ten greatest business leaders living today and voted by British workers as the person they would most like to have as their manager, Sir Richard Branson has built a business empire. His success is attributable not only to his famous drive, insight, and devil-may-care attitude but also to his ability to make the people working with him feel comfortable.

Now Branson shares the leadership secrets accumulated during his more than forty years of experience as a businessman and as an inspiring pioneer of humanitarian projects. Featuring anecdotes from his own dealings, as well as observations of others who have inspired him, Branson reflects on the management qualities he feels are essential for success in today s world. Asking what a leader is, as opposed to a boss, he distills his answers into twelve points, including the following: Listen to your people and your customers. But remember neither group is always right. Have courage. You don t have to think outside the box if the box never got built. Enable success. A new kind of CEO a Chief "Enabling" Officer is needed to grow the intrapreneurs who will be tomorrow s entrepreneurs. Collaborate. Be humble, give others the limelight, and allow them to make mistakes.

A reflective and unconventional take on management, "The Virgin Way "is a fun and practical read for aspiring leaders everywhere."

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