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Far from your annoying uncle’s collection of bad jokes and pranks, Do Rad Tricks! captures young readers’ imaginations with its zany, just-for-kids ideas, bright artwork, and easy-to-rock-out instructions. Authors Sarah Hines Stephens and Bethany Mann know a thing or two about goofing off—they’ve got kids of their own to learn from!—and they’ve collected the best into this volume of 80 activities ranging from faking zombie makeup to boobytrapping a bathroom, from rollerskating backward to running a ninja obstacle course. Kids’ll be thrilled–and parents’ll be amused—with Do Rad Tricks!

This book contains two chapters—one of hilarious pranks and stunts, and one of active, outdoors activities to get kids moving—that update the stale, tried-and-true magic tricks and overdone pranks with fresh, modern, and above all fun activities for the next generation.

Table of Contents

Tricks & Stunts Chapter

Shimmy up walls

Bounce off a wall

Do a stuntman vault

Mess with a computer

Get cool photo effects

Form shadow puppets

See through your hand

Make a floating finger

Build a creepy sarcophagus

Fake mummy organs

Serve yourself on a platter

Paint funny feet

Draw hand costumes

Create chin people

Become a zombie

Create a fake wound

Spurt fake blood

Hear a galloping horse

Listen to a crackling fire

Make rolling thunder

Flap like a bird

Rip out rude noises

Make a coin jump

Bring a dove back to life

Tie a knot one-handed

Fake a fall

Perform a slick hat trick

Spin a plate

Dowse for water

Read a love line

Interpret a head line

Follow a life line

Slice an unpeeled banana

Fight a marshmallow war

Blow a nose bubble

Stick a pin in a balloon

Walk the dog

Rock the baby

Juggle like a pro

Spin a basketball

Skip a stone

Dribble under one leg

Booby-trap a bathroom

Secure a bedroom

Turn drink mix into hair dye

Make a “platinum” grill

Take a cheek piercing

Sport spiky hair

Twirl a drumstick

Do a rock-star jump

Master the angus spin

Sports & Games Chapter

Build a junkyard go-kart

Trick out a kart

Crabwalk in roller sneakers

Skate backward

Tailwhip a scooter

Ollie like a pro

Bust a feeble grind

Land a kickflip

Nail a handstand fingerflip

Freeze an ice rink

Skate a back crossover

Improvise a sled

Dominate a snowball fight

Set up a bocce match

Toss horseshoes

Head a soccer ball

Master goalie moves

Pitch a fastball

Sink a free throw

Ride a boogie board

Bodysurf a wave

Sail into a swan dive

Do a jackknife dive

Be a human cannonball

Swim a flip turn

Perform a barracuda

Do the worm

Moonwalk in style

Stand on your head

Walk on your hands

Perfect a back walkover

Ace a cherry drop

Skin the cat

Swing a back hip circle

Bunny-hop a bike

Pop a wheelie

Hang a tire swing

Rig a zipline

Run a ninja obstacle course

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